Navy blue suit

The most important thing about a suit is the person who wears it.

Navy blue suit>

European fashion brand providing suits made of finest italian fabrics.



European fashion brand providing suits made of italian fabrics. Fabrics come from Italy – Biella , made in a family business with over 100 years of expierence. In the process of manufacturing the fabric the essential ingredient is wool taken from Australian sheep and water that comes from the Italian mountains in Biella next to factories. The water in this region is known for its unique softness. All these factors taken together give the fabric a unique and exquisite flexibility , a glow and softness not to be found in any other place around the world. The buttons are made of natural materials only – each of them branded with the Starossi label. The hangers are made of wood and steel in dark gold – by the European family business with a very long tradition of delivering wooden hangers.The hanger was designed specially for Starossi suits.
Craftmanship , tradition, natural eco-friendly materials, Family and friends – these the values that stand for Starossi. The goal of Starossi is to give you more that you would expect.